Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Certain Cosmetic Ingredient's A Danger To Health

Millions of men and women buy beauty products every, but few are aware of what actually in those beautifully packed products. Most of us who are looking to buy beauty products often ask what kinds of soaps, moisturizers and cosmetics should we use to make our skin softer or make our face look younger. But unlike food, we never bother to look at the ingredients these cosmetics have and some ingredients in the market today have been linked with cancer and all sorts of conditions and diseases. Here are some ingredients that may be found in everyday products that we need to be aware of.

1.) Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) – Are found in hundred of beauty products ranging from anti-aging creams to lip balms. AHA increases sun sensitivity leading to sunburn and sun damage. These can only be sold in concentrations of up to four percent.

2.) Coal tar - Found in dandruff shampoos, there is enough evidence that coal tars are carcinogenic in humans.

3.) Hydroquinone – Found in skin bleaching creams. Research says its only effective when used ling term but safe only when used briefly and discontinuously in products which must be thoroughly after use. I can cause allergic response like itching, burning and blistering.

4.) Lead acetate – Found in progressive hair dyes used primarily by men. Suspected to damage the reproductive system in humans.

5.) Nitrosamines – Found in half of the cosmetic products sold in the US. This substance is readily absorbed through the skin and accumulates in the organs where it induces chronic toxic effects.

6.) Parabens – Found in skin and hair products, baby care lines, deodorants and nail polishes. Parabens, according to scientist may alter hormone levels increasing the risk for certain types of cancer.

7.) Petrolatum – Found in many personal care products. Research says that impurities created during the manufacturing process of some petrolatum are linked to breast cancer

8.) Phenol – Found in medicated lip moisturizers. Fatal poisoning occurs when large quantities are absorbed through the skin.

9.) Phenylenediamine – Found in permanent hair dyes found in women. It is a possible human carcinogen. Highly allergic and can cause eczema, bronchial asthma, gastritis, skin irritation and even death.

10.) Phthalates – Found in hair sprays, nail polishes and fragrances. Phthalate DEHP leads to premature breast development in girls.

11.) Resorcinol – Found in hair dyes and dandruff shampoos. Studies show that it can cause methemoglobinemia, a blood disease if it enters a wound.


Friday, July 27, 2007

Eating Sleeping Prevents Cancer | Heart Diseases

There are some healthy foods and practices we may not tend to notice or take for granted that could actually help us prevent diseases and conditions that will harm out body. Take for example, did you know eating spinach can help fight skin cancer? We carry an umbrella outside and put sunscreen to prevent getting skin cancer when we outside our house, but eating spinach can help us fight the cancer inside our homes. A recent study has concluded that those who ate leafy green vegetables at least three times a week were 55 percent less likely to develop squamous cell skin cancer. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach were linked to a reduction in skin cancer especially for people who has a history of the disease. These foods contain nutrients that are anti carcinogenic. Spinach contains folate, vitamins A,C,E and carotenoids know to affect the skins response to sun damage.

Another type of berry, although not readily available stateside called Acai berries from the rain forest of Brazil has been found to trigger a self destruction response in up to 86 percent of human leukemia cancer cells. The berry is said to be very perishable and processed acai berries has been only available for about five years and as of today, the berry has still 75 as yet to be identified compounds that may hold the key for a permanent cure for leukemia.

Heart problems affect a significant number of people in the populations. Treatments and medications of heart diseases are not cheap and some procedures are uncomfortable to say the least. But did you know that a simple nap can help you prevent heart diseases. A recent Harvard study of health men and women tracked out a six year time period found that taking a midday nap for at least 30 minutes three times a week were 37 percent less likely to dies from heart problems. The link between stress and coronary mortality has long been well established. Napping is a stress releasing process therefore alleviating heart conditions.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wrong Sitting Positions Can Create Back Problems

Back problems affect a significantly number of people in the population. Whether you are young or old, more and more people are having these problems like never before. There are a lot of factors that may contribute to this like age, diet and physical activity. But would you believe that how we sit affects back pains? The finding for this study is very important since we live in an age where most of the work being done are done sitting down. Whether you are an office clerk or CEO of a huge corporation, chances are you are sitting down more than 90 percent of the time in you daily work shift. Recent study has shown, radiologist have confirmed what ergonomists have long suspected that sitting upright is bad for you back. A new method of detecting this is the positional Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI scans of patients sitting and standing can demonstrate how gravity acts on the spine.

The study of the scans have shown that 90 degree sitting position, which most people consider normal, places unnecessary strain on the lower back curvature, causing disc to become squashed. A 135 degree body thigh position, like that of an adjustable recliner shows the least strain to the body. This is a big problem since most of us are sitting in the 90 degree position, or even worse slouching to an 85 or 80 degree angle especially while typing work in computers.

There are ways to relieve the pressure of back pains for us who work all day in the office. Buy ergonomic chairs, tables and even computer keyboards and mouse can relieve a lot of anxiety we fell as we sit all day. The sitting position, in which the hips need to be higher than the knees and the feet should be flat on the floor. Opening up the angle between your body and thighs is whats important to relieve back pains.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Traditional Asian Medicines

Traditional Chinese medicine or TCM has been long part of Asian culture in the remedy of diseases and is more than 5,000 years old and has been used through out the region. Except India, 58 percent of the region takes TCM with the highest percentage of usage found in Hong Kong with 74 percent. But through the years, The use of Chinese medicines has expanded to the west with scientist conducting test reveals that there is some ailments that current medicines has no cure for but Chinese medicines can cure.

Some commercial drugs may prove to be harmful or produce side effects when taken, so an alternative choice is using Chinese medicine which is usually made up to plants, roots and herbs and contain no chemicals that may prove to be harmful and is relatively safe even if you overdose in small doses. It's popularly used for treating coughs, colds, sore throat, back pains and indigestions. It's popularity in Asia has long been based on traditional trust or cultural faith.

There are different types of TCM that may be taken for different ailments and they may also be taken for major illnesses like certain types of cancer as a complementary medicine to other treatments and offers excellent value for your money. This is particularly true because over the counter drugs are expensive, even with generic brands. TCM offers an alternative to people who cannot afford to pay such expensive medicines. Most Asians favor ginseng and chicken essence as a way to boost energy levels and birds nest for cell regeneration although it's prohibitively expensive.

The Indian equivalent to TCM is homeopathic medicine where, according to statistics eight out of ten would use it. Homeopathic medicine is good fro chronic ailments where there are limited treatments for it and for ailments such as allergies and arthritis where there is no specific medications. homeopathic medicines treat the symptoms well and has a relatively low drug toxicity level and has far fewer side effects compared to more over the counter ones.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Applying Fist Aid To Accidents

Where ever we are and what ever we are doing, accident do happen. Whether you are at home, at school or in the office, accidents will occur from time to time. And although we cannot predict when they might happen, we certainly can do things to minimize their damages. A fist aid kit is essential in every establishment and every home must have one. There is the right way of applying certain medications to treat minor injuries and the wrong way. Here are some common conditions that we may encounter

1.) Sprains and strains - Especially for people who have kids running around the house. Sprains and Strains are almost a sure occurrence. Most people apply heat pack to treat them but it is not the most effective way to treat a muscle or joint injury. When you are injured, you might be bleeding internally and adding heat may make you bleed more. The correct way is to apply a wrapped icepack and also remember the term RICE. R is for rest. I is for ice, apply ice on a tea towel. C is for compress, support the injury with a bandage and E is for elevate, raise the injury above the level of the heart.

2.) Severe Bleeding - Nothing can be more nerve wracking than seeing lots of blood gush out of someone especially if its your child. Using tourniquet can do more harm than good as they can stop blood supply to the whole limb increasing the risk of tissue damage or even the loss of the limb. The right way to do it is to apply direct pressure to the wound using a pad. raise the affected area above the heart to help the bleeding slow down. If the blood continues to seep through, cover that with a second bandage and continue to apply pressure.

3.) Burns and Scalds - For accidents that may happen in the kitchen, getting burns or scalds because of cooking is the most common occurrence. Getting burns or scalds, one is inclined to apply toothpaste as it can cool the affected area but experts advice that applying toothpaste or any creams or ointments for that matter, are not advisable. It is best to place the affected area under a cold running water for atleast ten minutes. The aim is to stop the burning and relieve the pain.


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Drugs That Help Relieve Colds

Cold affects millions of people every year and its symptoms bring discomfort to people of all ages. And although there is still no cure yet for the common cold, there are lots of remedies that are available for people buy to help ease symptoms and speed up the recovery process.

1.) Decongestants - These are usually bought in the form of capsules, tablets, liquid, in nasal spray and in drops. The active ingredients in these medicines is Pseudoephedrine, oxymetazoline. Decongestants help relieve stuffy nose by reducing the swelling of membranes lining the nose to clear the nasal passages. There are however, side effects in taking these medicines which includes irritability, headaches, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, palpitations and can cause burning sensations in the nose. Nasal sprays which contains oxymetazoline or phenylephrine works the fastest since they act directly on the nasal passages. They may also have the least side effects but they should not be used more than three days.

2.) Antihistamine - They come in capsule, tablet and in liquid form and the active ingredient is Diphenhydramine, Brompheniramine and Chlorpheniramine. Antihistamines cure itchy eyes, runny nose and recurring sneezing by inhibiting histamine, a natural substance that causes this symptoms in response to the cold virus and allergens. But antihistamines can cause nausea, vomiting, dry mouth and drowsiness. Antihistamines can cause sedations and are best taken at night before we sleep or when you don't have to drive or go to work and just about anything that requires your full attention. Brompheniramine and Chlorpheniramine can cause less drowsiness than Diphenhydramine.

3.) Cough suppressant - Comes in capsule or liquid form and the active ingredient is Dextromethorphan and cures dry, hacking cough by relieving the hackling caused by the cough reflex. Side effects by taking these medicines include nausea, vomiting, dizziness and drowsiness. Don't attempt to suppress the cough if you have asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis or cystic fibrosis. These suppressants can also cause problems for children under six months and studies suggest that suppressants are nothing more than placebo.

4.) Expectorant - Contains Guaifenesin and comes in capsule, tablet and liquid form. help relieve mucus producing cough by thinning mucus and loose phlegm making it easier to cough and clear the air passages. taking these medicines can cause nausea, vomiting, upset stomach and headaches. Guaifenesin is the only FDA approved over the counter drug, but its effectiveness has been questioned in recent studies. Products that contain expectorants and cough suppressants may counter act each other making it far less effective than we hoped it to be.


Friday, July 06, 2007

Your Lifestyle and Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's disease affects a significant population of our elderly. The disease is associated with memory loss and affects the relationship they have with their family members. A lot of researches has gone into finding a cure for this degenerative disease. But recent studies has concluded that you lifestyle could affect your risk of contracting such diseases. Simple changes that does not significantly alter the way we are used to do things everyday are very simple.

Studies have found that alcoholic drinks, when taken in moderation like a drink or two a day have an almost 50% chance of lower risk of cognitive decline compared to people who have claimed to drink nothing at all. Eating certain foods, fruits and vegetable can lower the risk of contracting the disease. Apples have a high concentration of Quercetin, an antioxidant that may fight the damage done by free radicals to the brain. Eating broccoli will help making more folate available to the blood which helps preventing the decline in verbal fluency. Folate are also found in green leafy vegetables. Oily fish contains omega-3 and reduces by 70% the build up of blood plaques.

Going on a diet will also prevent the onset of the disease. It is generally considered that overweight people are at a greater risk of contracting the disease. Eating less to loose weight will reduce the level of blood plaque in the system. Exercising will also reduce the risk of the disease. and the good news is that it does not take much exercise, an average of walking 3 km a day will already have their risk of dementia halved.

Taking care of your heart by going on a checkup regularly will also help reduce the risk. High LDL cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes are all risk factors in having a heart disease. But these factors also raised the risk for dementia for as high as 50% Disease are actually more related to each other than we think so it really best to live a healthy lifestyle to prevent the onset of the disease rather than spending a fortune finding ways to cure it. And its really a marvel how simple lifestyle changes can affect our overall health.


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pain Relief The Natural Way

Millions of people all over the world live with chronic pain. Although there are medicines that can help ease the discomfort, many more will still continue to suffer. But there are ways that we can relieve ourselves of the pain without taking any pills or medications. Some are non conventional methods that may seem foreign to most of us, but have proven to work in relieving pain.

1.) Chiropractic therapy compliments the healing process although practitioners cannot prescribe drugs or perform surgery but are trained to do standard medical procedures. Their services are even covered by some health cards. Spinal manipulation have been proven to treating simple lower back pain especially if it has been only present for a short time.

2.) Hypnosis can also relieve pain as well as treat headaches and bowel syndrome by altering brainwave patterns in the same way as other relaxation techniques.

3.) Breathing exercise by deep breathing from the diaphragm will greatly reduce stress that is associated with several chronic pains.

4.) Regular exercise prompts your body to release endorphins, which blocks the pain signals from reaching the brain. Endorphins are also known as feel good chemicals that your body produce to help alleviate depression and anxiety. Regular exercise will let you loose weight which is important form chronic pain sufferers because lighter weight will reduce the stress on your joints and improve your flexibility.

5.) Acupuncture is one of the most non conventional means of treating pain. But this practice has been around from centuries and has been proven to work numerous times already. Acupuncture helps relieve dental pain and nausea after undergoing an operation. This ancient form of treatment also helps treating cramps, myofascial pain as well as a host of other conditions.

6.) Certain foods an also help ease the pain. Although there is not enough evidence yet, foods like chicken soup and jacket potatoes make you feel better. Cherries, which contains Anthocyanins have anti inflammatory properties found in aspirins. Sugar can also reduce the perception of pain, especially in children. Soya can also help relieve osteoarthritis pain.


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ways Of Treating Your Fat

There is one epidemic that has been steadily rising and affecting people from all walks of life and that problem is obesity. People are now getting fatter and when people gain weight, they tend to develop some conditions associated with weight gain like getting harder to breath and will get tired faster as well as diseases like diabetes and hearth problems. its no wonder that people are looking to find ways to loose weigh and most want a magic pill that when taken will reduce their weight drastically. But are there such things?

The biggest hope in achieving a pill that can magically cure obesity is rimonabant made by Sanofi-Aventis. this pill is already available in Europe. Rimonabant stifles hunger and craving by targeting the endocannabinoid system, which plays a big role in regulating weight. But doctors warn that you can't just take the pill and loose weight and stop. You will be taking the medicines for a long time if not for life. If you stop treatment and still don't change your eating habits. You weight will bounce right up.

Another cure being research in the fight against obesity is a vaccine against getting fat. The researchers has concluded that the best drug vaccines will be those that will work on the hormones coming from the gut. Scientist are looking at a hormone called ghrelin, this is a scourge among yo-yo dieters. When you diet, the body goes on survival mode and ups the production of ghrelin in your body which may slow your metabolism , encourage eating and force your body to retain fat.

Zapping out fat may be literal. Lasers are being developed that can zap your fat in the body without having to result to operations. The traditional way of getting the fat out of your body is via liposuction. But liposuction still requires a small surgery procedure that requires breaking into your skin. Although the risk are minimal. Deaths have occurred due to complications. So the laser is being developed as a suitable replacement to surgery which minimizes complications, infections and scarring.


Sunday, July 01, 2007

Stem Cell Miracles

Stem cells are the modern equivalent of an elixir of life because it is a cure for all sorts of diseases because stem cells are found in all multi cellular organisms and can repair a wide range of specialized cell types as well as damaged organs. It is no surprise that they have already been proven to treat ailments such as heart diseases and leukemia as well as a host of conditions that has yet to find a cure for. How ever stem cell research have been proven to be controversial because it uses human embryo to extract the cell. Although an alternative method has already been discovered in harvesting stem cells. The ongoing stem cell research has opened up numerous possibilities in medical science. The treatment of leukemia used to mean repeated chemotherapy to destroy the damaged immune system. But with stem cells, it can be introduced to the bone marrow to rebuild the immune system. This process has become more like a blood transfusion which benefits the patients who must suffer the effects of chemotherapy.

Heart diseases also stand to benefit from this new research. Stem cells are introduced to a patient to regenerate damaged heart tissues. Traditional heart treatments used to involve heart transplant. But operations like this sometimes cause complications and the patient has a risk of not making it. And the time it takes for a heart donor to become available sometimes takes years and some patient die.

Another disease that has plagued many people is diabetes. People who have family members afflicted with diabetes can testify how hard and uncomfortable this disease is. But new research into stem cells harvested from fat can treat this disease. The fat from our bodies contain baby fat and it is this fat that scientist cultivates in a laboratory dish and molded unto the types of cells required. This can also cure injuries of the spinal cord and could be grown into cartilage or even bone. Stem cells have indeed ushered in a modern age of medicine where diseases once curable by antibiotics are no longer effective due to the pathogens evolving. This new research may hold the key into finding new cures that will help man live longer and healthier lives free from pain and sickness.