Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Certain Cosmetic Ingredient's A Danger To Health

Millions of men and women buy beauty products every, but few are aware of what actually in those beautifully packed products. Most of us who are looking to buy beauty products often ask what kinds of soaps, moisturizers and cosmetics should we use to make our skin softer or make our face look younger. But unlike food, we never bother to look at the ingredients these cosmetics have and some ingredients in the market today have been linked with cancer and all sorts of conditions and diseases. Here are some ingredients that may be found in everyday products that we need to be aware of.

1.) Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) – Are found in hundred of beauty products ranging from anti-aging creams to lip balms. AHA increases sun sensitivity leading to sunburn and sun damage. These can only be sold in concentrations of up to four percent.

2.) Coal tar - Found in dandruff shampoos, there is enough evidence that coal tars are carcinogenic in humans.

3.) Hydroquinone – Found in skin bleaching creams. Research says its only effective when used ling term but safe only when used briefly and discontinuously in products which must be thoroughly after use. I can cause allergic response like itching, burning and blistering.

4.) Lead acetate – Found in progressive hair dyes used primarily by men. Suspected to damage the reproductive system in humans.

5.) Nitrosamines – Found in half of the cosmetic products sold in the US. This substance is readily absorbed through the skin and accumulates in the organs where it induces chronic toxic effects.

6.) Parabens – Found in skin and hair products, baby care lines, deodorants and nail polishes. Parabens, according to scientist may alter hormone levels increasing the risk for certain types of cancer.

7.) Petrolatum – Found in many personal care products. Research says that impurities created during the manufacturing process of some petrolatum are linked to breast cancer

8.) Phenol – Found in medicated lip moisturizers. Fatal poisoning occurs when large quantities are absorbed through the skin.

9.) Phenylenediamine – Found in permanent hair dyes found in women. It is a possible human carcinogen. Highly allergic and can cause eczema, bronchial asthma, gastritis, skin irritation and even death.

10.) Phthalates – Found in hair sprays, nail polishes and fragrances. Phthalate DEHP leads to premature breast development in girls.

11.) Resorcinol – Found in hair dyes and dandruff shampoos. Studies show that it can cause methemoglobinemia, a blood disease if it enters a wound.



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