Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Applying Fist Aid To Accidents

Where ever we are and what ever we are doing, accident do happen. Whether you are at home, at school or in the office, accidents will occur from time to time. And although we cannot predict when they might happen, we certainly can do things to minimize their damages. A fist aid kit is essential in every establishment and every home must have one. There is the right way of applying certain medications to treat minor injuries and the wrong way. Here are some common conditions that we may encounter

1.) Sprains and strains - Especially for people who have kids running around the house. Sprains and Strains are almost a sure occurrence. Most people apply heat pack to treat them but it is not the most effective way to treat a muscle or joint injury. When you are injured, you might be bleeding internally and adding heat may make you bleed more. The correct way is to apply a wrapped icepack and also remember the term RICE. R is for rest. I is for ice, apply ice on a tea towel. C is for compress, support the injury with a bandage and E is for elevate, raise the injury above the level of the heart.

2.) Severe Bleeding - Nothing can be more nerve wracking than seeing lots of blood gush out of someone especially if its your child. Using tourniquet can do more harm than good as they can stop blood supply to the whole limb increasing the risk of tissue damage or even the loss of the limb. The right way to do it is to apply direct pressure to the wound using a pad. raise the affected area above the heart to help the bleeding slow down. If the blood continues to seep through, cover that with a second bandage and continue to apply pressure.

3.) Burns and Scalds - For accidents that may happen in the kitchen, getting burns or scalds because of cooking is the most common occurrence. Getting burns or scalds, one is inclined to apply toothpaste as it can cool the affected area but experts advice that applying toothpaste or any creams or ointments for that matter, are not advisable. It is best to place the affected area under a cold running water for atleast ten minutes. The aim is to stop the burning and relieve the pain.



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