Friday, July 27, 2007

Eating Sleeping Prevents Cancer | Heart Diseases

There are some healthy foods and practices we may not tend to notice or take for granted that could actually help us prevent diseases and conditions that will harm out body. Take for example, did you know eating spinach can help fight skin cancer? We carry an umbrella outside and put sunscreen to prevent getting skin cancer when we outside our house, but eating spinach can help us fight the cancer inside our homes. A recent study has concluded that those who ate leafy green vegetables at least three times a week were 55 percent less likely to develop squamous cell skin cancer. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach were linked to a reduction in skin cancer especially for people who has a history of the disease. These foods contain nutrients that are anti carcinogenic. Spinach contains folate, vitamins A,C,E and carotenoids know to affect the skins response to sun damage.

Another type of berry, although not readily available stateside called Acai berries from the rain forest of Brazil has been found to trigger a self destruction response in up to 86 percent of human leukemia cancer cells. The berry is said to be very perishable and processed acai berries has been only available for about five years and as of today, the berry has still 75 as yet to be identified compounds that may hold the key for a permanent cure for leukemia.

Heart problems affect a significant number of people in the populations. Treatments and medications of heart diseases are not cheap and some procedures are uncomfortable to say the least. But did you know that a simple nap can help you prevent heart diseases. A recent Harvard study of health men and women tracked out a six year time period found that taking a midday nap for at least 30 minutes three times a week were 37 percent less likely to dies from heart problems. The link between stress and coronary mortality has long been well established. Napping is a stress releasing process therefore alleviating heart conditions.



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