Sunday, July 01, 2007

Stem Cell Miracles

Stem cells are the modern equivalent of an elixir of life because it is a cure for all sorts of diseases because stem cells are found in all multi cellular organisms and can repair a wide range of specialized cell types as well as damaged organs. It is no surprise that they have already been proven to treat ailments such as heart diseases and leukemia as well as a host of conditions that has yet to find a cure for. How ever stem cell research have been proven to be controversial because it uses human embryo to extract the cell. Although an alternative method has already been discovered in harvesting stem cells. The ongoing stem cell research has opened up numerous possibilities in medical science. The treatment of leukemia used to mean repeated chemotherapy to destroy the damaged immune system. But with stem cells, it can be introduced to the bone marrow to rebuild the immune system. This process has become more like a blood transfusion which benefits the patients who must suffer the effects of chemotherapy.

Heart diseases also stand to benefit from this new research. Stem cells are introduced to a patient to regenerate damaged heart tissues. Traditional heart treatments used to involve heart transplant. But operations like this sometimes cause complications and the patient has a risk of not making it. And the time it takes for a heart donor to become available sometimes takes years and some patient die.

Another disease that has plagued many people is diabetes. People who have family members afflicted with diabetes can testify how hard and uncomfortable this disease is. But new research into stem cells harvested from fat can treat this disease. The fat from our bodies contain baby fat and it is this fat that scientist cultivates in a laboratory dish and molded unto the types of cells required. This can also cure injuries of the spinal cord and could be grown into cartilage or even bone. Stem cells have indeed ushered in a modern age of medicine where diseases once curable by antibiotics are no longer effective due to the pathogens evolving. This new research may hold the key into finding new cures that will help man live longer and healthier lives free from pain and sickness.



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