Thursday, April 02, 2009

Tropical Countries Produce More Baby Girls

Studies have shown that people who live in the tropics produce more baby girls than boys compared to other parts of the world. Research has concluded that it may be down to the hotter weather or the longer days as the hot climate may change miscarriage rates and sperm quality. Also, there seems to be some evolutionary advantage to having more girls than boys if you live by the equator. But further studies are still needed to this conclusion to be validated. Plus experts already agree that the birth rates of boys and girls vary across the globe.

Aside from the weather, extreme environmental stress like war, the birth rate of girls far outstrips that of boys. That proof of natural evolutionary process in action. But globally, the gender balance still favors the males at around a rate of 106 males for every 100 females. But this maybe due to a wide variety of other factors like culture and tradition. Not necessarily nature in action. But nevertheless, nature and evolution will kick into action once the gender imbalance becomes critical to a point it endangers us as a species.



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