Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Mobile Phones | Brain Tumors

You might have heard or read news articles linking mobile phone use with brain tumors, but fear not, using mobile phone do not increase the risk of developing the most common type of brain tumor, according to a recent study. Scientists at the Institute of Cancer Research in London and three British universities found no link between regular, long-term use of cell phones and glioma.

During the past two decades, the use of mobile phones has risen rapidly worldwide but there has been no hard evidence to substantiate fears that the technology causes health problems ranging from headaches to brain tumors. Some scientists said mobile phones could pose a higher health risk to people living in rural areas because they emit more intense signals in the countryside. But the researchers has so far haven't found any increased health threats for rural dwellers.

Earlier mobile phones used analogue signals which emitted higher power signals than the later digital models. If there were health dangers from mobiles phones, they would be more likely to result from the earlier models but the scientists found no evidence of it. So it goes to say that people should not worry that their cellphones could pose a health risk, but of course, any new studies that may prove otherwise should be taken seriously.



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