Thursday, February 07, 2008

Omega-3 Increases Heart Patient Survival

There is something to be said about the health benefits of fish oil. Research evidence from well designed scientific researches consisting of multiple large scale population studies and randomized controlled trials show that intake of recommended amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) in the form of dietary fish or fish oil supplements lower blood triglycerides and reduces the risk of death, heart attack, dangerous abnormal heart rhythms, and strokes in people with known cardiovascular disease.

The American Heart Association and other international heart experts in the prevention of heart attacks and strokes in high-risk patients with cardiovascular disease or CVD has recommended omega-3 fish oil, particularly in those who already had a previous heart attack. Known CVD risk factors are smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated cholesterol levels, obesity and persistent uncontrolled stress.

The clinical benefits of fish oil have been reported after three months of use, and these benefits persists up to 3.5 years of follow-up. The beneficial effects of fish oils have been attributed to various mechanisms, including reduced triglyceride levels, reduced inflammation in the arteries causing arteriosclerosis or narrowing, slightly lowered blood pressure, reduced blood clotting and reduced tendency of the heart to develop rhythms.



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