Friday, January 04, 2008

Benefits Of Testosterone Patch

Testosterone treatments have a lot of benefits, especially for aging men. Treatment with testosterone can actually curb the gain in abdominal fat as well as the loss of skeletal muscle seen in non obese aging men. Though the use of testosterone therapy as a means of defying the aging process is gaining popularity, data from scientific trails have been very limited in this area.

Findings indicate that maintaining testosterone at young adult levels may indeed prevent the adverse changes in body composition associated with the aging process. In a test conducted with 60 healthy men aged at least 55 years old with low-normal testosterone levels wore a testosterone patch or a placebo path for 12 months.

Men taking testosterone experienced a 30 percent increase in serum testosterone while the control group saw their testosterone levels fall by 10 percent. Men who wore the testosterone patch also experienced increases in fat-free mass and skeletal muscle and loss of thigh skeletal muscle also decreased. Analysis also showed that the change in abdominal fat also correlated with the change in testosterone levels.



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