Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oral Maintenance

Oral maintenance is where post people fail their hygiene due to ignorance,, bad habits or just plain laziness. Most of us overlook our mouths thinking that once it is closed, everything unpleasant within would be out of sight and out of mind hidden from scrutiny. But according to a survey, after the eyes the mouth is the next thing people notice especially when you smile and begin to talk. The mouth is so important because it is the gateway that receives food, drinks and even air into your inner organs, and it’s the cavity wherein you shape your words and throw your speech. No designer stuff could mask bad teeth, unhealthy gums and offensive breath. Here are some tips that will keep your mouth healthy and your breath sweet.

1.) Take care of your lips using a lip balm or moisturizer for softer and tender lips.

2.) After eating, use a toothpick or floss and then gargle with water or mouthwash.

3.) Brush you teeth properly.

4.) Use a tongue scraper to remove food particles caught in your mouth.

5.) Drink with a straw when you are drinking colored beverages like tea or cola to minimize the contact the liquid will have on your teeth that may darken it through out the years.

6.) Use a dental instrument or cotton buds to dislodge stubborn plaque.

7.) Control your tobacco, alcohol, coffee, soda drinks, commercial fruit juices and sugar intake.

8.) Be careful about highly abrasive toothpaste and tooth whiteners since teeth are not white; they are various shades of yellow. Strong teeth whiteners contain bleach that can weaken teeth and increase sensitivity.

9.) To quickly freshen up your breath, chew on a mint candy or gum.
Consult a professional in case of oral, throat and respiratory problems, visit your dentist or doctor for preventive maintenance and cure.



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