Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nanoshells | Cancer Tumors

Tumors are a threat that affects everyone regardless of gender, race and social status. Cancer tumors ravage both body and soul. Current tumor treatments are an ordeal itself. It is tedious, costly and leaves trails of unpleasant side effects. A quick one time, inexpensive, non-toxic and painless treatment with a 100% reduction could be one of the most dreamt about fantasy for the afflicted and their love ones. But scientist is developing cures based from nanotechnology called nanoshells. A single nanoshell is a 100-nanometer non-toxic gold metal sphere, bigger than an atom but much smaller than a cell. Such dimension is critical for effective interaction with biological system at the cell level.

Nanoshells are the future weapons in the battle against cancer. They are designed for specific annihilation of tumor cells. To enhance precise targeting, nanoshells may be designed to attack like smart missiles that seek and lock on targets by attaching proteins called antibodies on their surfaces, which naturally stick to proteins uniquely produced by cancer cells. This much awaited approaching of destroying cancer cells is also similar to how a high-rise structure demolition squad operates. Demolition engineers can blast away with amazing precision a tall building without crashing it down on the surrounding buildings. This is the best approach unlike the traditional chemotherapy where it damages the surrounding healthy cells.



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