Friday, September 21, 2007

Taking Vitamins During Pregnancy

There's a research going on at Toronto Hospital for sick children in Canada that mothers who are taking prenatal multivitamins that are fortified with folic acid reduces the risk of three types of common childhood cancers like leukemia, brain tumors and neuroblastoma. The research found out that prenatal supplements of these type of multivitamins is associated with an outstanding 47 percent protective effect for neuroblastoma, 39 percent for leukemia and 27 percent for brain tumors. This review is the very first systematic research and meta-analysis on the use of prenatal multivitamins before and during early pregnancy and their protective effect for several types of pediatric cancer. Leukemia being the most common childhood cancer, accounts for about 50 percent of new pediatric cases in most countries. Brain and spinal cancers are the second most common type of cancer in paediatrics cancer cases.

In North America, neuroblastoma is the most prevalent solid tumor that occurs outside of the brain in children under the age of five and affects one in very six thousand to seven thousand children. Additional research has still yet to be undertaken to determine which components in prenatal multivitamins provide protective effects for paediatrics cancers and whether any of these effects can be attributed to folic acid. And in the future, scientist and doctors hope that with this new and exciting research most of the common types of cancer in children like Wilm's tumor, Retinoblastoma, Lymphoma, Bone tumors, Germ cell tumors and most cancers will finally be eradicated.



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