Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Safety Of Our Food|Water|Medicines|Cosmetics

All of us are exposed to pollutants of some degree when we go about our business everyday. Due to the number of substances floating around amid the increasing worries about how safe is the water we drink, take a bath in, the trans fats present in our food and even possible carcinogens present in the cosmetics we use, medicines and supplements we routinely take in daily. We now even face the dangers of toxic chemicals that are present in the toys our children play with. Because of these, consumers must be made more aware the dangers of acquiring cancer in the everyday things we are exposed to.

Already, major cities like New York have already banned trans fats in all its restaurants, eateries and all fast food chains to help protect consumers. Steps are already being undertaken between the Consumer Welfare Counsel and the food manufacturers with fast food chains to state the nutrition facts in the food they are serving. This simple step is empowering consumers to make healthy choices in the food they eat to avoid cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

We must also make it a habit to familiarize ourselves with the potentially harmful and cancer inducing chemicals that are used in the manufacturing of the cosmetics and beauty products so when we pick up a bar of soap or face powder, we can confidently scan through the ingredients for these toxic chemicals. Toys that were recently found to have harmful chemicals in them from a certain country should immediately placed out of reach by children. Although there is not much we can do about this matter, paying attention to current events will keep us up to date on what’s the latest development for us to better prepare ourselves.



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