Saturday, September 08, 2007

Obesity In Children

Child obesity has become a problem among many countries these days. Most young children as young as 11 are having to worry about illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and stroke. More recent studies has proven that children are vulnerable to health problems due to inactivity and a high fat diet. With the advent of the internet and modern video games, most children are not active enough physically to lay a solid foundation for their health in the future. Lack of physical activities will lead to more obesity, heart disease and many more illnesses. Experts has suggested that for kids to remain healthy, they should have at least one hour of physical activity per day. Weather it be walking to school, playing sports or simply running around the garden. Experts have suggested the following measures to help your child with more physical activities and loose weight at the same time.

1.) Control your child's TV viewing habit - Children will watch television all day if left unsupervised. Set limitations what your child will watch. Instead of sitting and waiting for his or her favorite show to appear. Make a list in advance what show would they like to watch and what time it will be shown.

2.) Exercise as a form of family time togetherness - Instead of asking your child to do the exercise themselves. Join in together as a family. It does not have to be strictly exercise. walking the dog together or walking together to the store instead of riding your car will do the trick.

3.) Provide an incentive - Not to the point of bribery but tell your child if he or she completes something, she will be given a reward like a new toy or healthy snacks.

4.) Don't do all things yourself - Do not let anyone be in charge of your child's weight loss program. Mom and dad should work together to provide care for their children.

5.) Talk to the school - Together with other parents, you should talk to the school about increasing their physical education time or make playing sports games together a requirement.



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