Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bodys Optimal Function Equals Cell Regeneration

Getting old is inevitable, as we move on with our lives, we will come to realize that our body and certain functions are not what it is used to be and the feeling of invincibility is coming to an end. Because due to aging, our body looses its ability to regenerate, a process of healing and repair that holds the key to our sustained well-being and longevity. Cell regeneration is a daily process by which the cells n our body continue to replace and restore themselves to maintain the body’s normal function.

The body in order for it to function normally and optimally needs cell regeneration. It’s a natural process responsible for keeping our mind sharp, muscles strong and bones sturdy. Our cells demonstrate this wonderful ability to adapt when injuries are persistent to the body. While continuously proliferating, the cells never cease to replicate themselves. Some cells can take quite a long time to divide like cells found in kidneys and liver, but they will react and multiply faster once an injury occurs.

Proper nutrition is the key to have a normal and healthy cell regeneration rate. Too much stress, inadequate sleep and a deficient diet tend to interrupt the normal cell regeneration process. Aging also adds to the problem. The good news about this is that we can influence the factors that cause its decline. Developing a healthy lifestyle like eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep and exercising daily can boost our cell regeneration rate. Some nutritional supplements can also aid our body to boost cell regeneration rate.



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