Saturday, August 04, 2007

Plastic Blood Can Cure Diseases

Medical breakthroughs are happening all the time. Diseases that has no cure before can now be treated with modern medicines. New species of plants and animals are being discovered in the rain forest or deep down the sea bed floor that may hold the components for the next miracle cure. A recent breakthrough has been discovered that may one day save lives in emergency situations, believe it or not, plasma made from plastic.

Blood made from plastic can one day be used in medical emergencies where real blood is not readily available and may eliminate the need for blood donation. A PhD professor from the University of Sheffield, Larry Twyman has developed a molecule made from polymer, also known as plastic and porphyrin than can hold iron atoms at it's core. This substance is similar in size and shape to hemoglobin and mimics the red protein responsible for transporting oxygen into the blood stream. This type of breakthrough borders on science fiction but this is real and currently under more laboratory observations.

The thought of using plastic into the blood stream may look unsafe and somewhat toxic, but porphyrins are natural and the polymer component is ignored by the body's immune system which is not blood type dependent. Although this is still confined to the lab, pending more laboratory tests. But if this is successful in humans, this could be extremely useful where there is an emergency or in the battle field where a quick blood transfusion may save lives and eliminate the need to wait for a blood donor with the same blood type as the patient.



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