Sunday, August 05, 2007

Migraine And Memory Loss | Clearer Nose Passages


People get migraines all the time. Whether you are a student trying to cram to pass an exam, a secretary feeling the pressure from your boss or a business man having a tough time keeping his business a float. For what ever reason migraine head aches happen to all of us. But did you know that a research has been conducted the people with migraine suffer less memory loss over time than people who do not suffer from migraines?

Researchers concluded that while migraineurs scored lower on memory test at the start of their study, they have shown a 17 percent less cognitive decline than non migraineurs 12 years later. Migraine medications such as ibuprofen might have a protective effects on memory. It is more likely that there might be an underlying biological mechanism such as changes in blood vessels or differences in brain activity contributing to this phenomenal condition.

Clearer Nose

Blocked nose does not only happen to people who suffer from colds or flus, but to people who suffer allergy or some other conditions that make breathing hard. Most of the time, over the counter decongestants and antibiotics will work. But for some, these treatment and medications do not work. Now there is a novel procedure called balloon sinuplasty. This procedure involves the insertion of a balloon catheter through the nostril. This procedure has been proven successful for sinus sufferers.

Once the balloon has been inserted inside the sinus, the balloon is inflated to gently widen and restructure the blocked passageway, allowing the return of normal sinus function. It is less invasive than the traditional endoscopic sinus surgery. The most common difference with this procedure compared to the more conventional sinus surgery is how fast the patients recover from this procedure because there is much less bleeding and pain.



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