Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Eating Beef To Reduce Weight

Eating beef has have its shares of ups and downs in recent times. The Atkins diet and other low carb diets have made beef very popular with people wanting to loose weight. However, news about mad cow disease and the recent findings that there is maybe a link between high consumption of red meat to colorectal cancer made people think twice about having the meat at their lunch and dinner table.

But consuming beef in moderation is not only healthy to the body, but the protein in them helps you maintain your muscle mass and reduce the fat out of our bodies during weight loss. Of course, sitting down eating beef all day will not help you loose weight and the opposite may happen with you ending up being overweight with a high cholesterol count with all kinds of conditions and diseases. Exercise is much more effective when couple with a high protein diet such as beef. protein makes you feel fuller than fat so increasing the consumption of lean beef and other protein in your diet may help you consume fewer total calories thus helping you with the weight loss.

All beef are not created equally. When shopping around for meat, choose the cuts that have the least amount of visible fat. When preparing to cook the meat, trim off any excess visible fat. A serving of beef is an excellent source of nutrients like protein, zinc, vitamin B12, selenium, phosphorus, niacin, vitamin B6, iron and riboflavin. Older people are also advised to eat small portions of lean beef because of they are the one that are most at risk of inadequate levels of zinc which helps the body's immune system, wound healing and appetite control.



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