Friday, June 22, 2007

Misinterpreting Back and Joint Pains

Most of us view back pain and join pain as the inevitable consequence of old age or as a result from getting injured. But pain is one way our body is telling us that there might be something wrong with us. But most dismiss them as just the effects of old age or injury. Pay very attention to them and don't ignore the pain. There are life threatening diseases that mimic these pains and its important to identify them early on so they can be properly treated. here are some serious diseases and conditions that can create back and joint pain.

1.) Prostate cancer and abdominal problems - Prostate and pancreatic cancers and kidney stones can create back pain, often with a sharp sensation in the middle or lower back. These diagnosis may often be missed because people don't normally associate back pain with cancer or kidney stones.

2.) Osteoporosis - Weakening and thinning of the bones is often age related, but it's now happening to younger people to due to the lack of vitamin D which is usually from drinking milk since most young people today would rather rink soda than a glass of milk. This can lean small fractures to the spine and other areas causing pain.

3.) Lupus - This chronic autoimmune disease typically appears as a dark butterfly rash on the face accompanied by severe joint pain. It is diagnosed with blood test and treated with anti-inflammatory medicines.

4.) Swollen Joints - This can be a sign of joint infection. Often a sample of the joint fluid is taken for testing. If an infection such as staph is present, antibiotics are prescribed.

5.) Bone Cancer - Pain can be caused by bone cancers as well as other cancers that spread to the bones. Common targets are the spine and the rib cage.

6.) Lyme Disease - This conditions is usually transfered by ticks. It often surfaces as a joint pain, with or without a rash. If detected early, Lyme disease can be treated with antibiotics.



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