Friday, June 15, 2007

Herbal Alternative To Prescription Drugs

In most cases where conventional prescription drugs fail, herbal medicines can work astonishingly well. Many scientific studies have already proven that herbal medicines work as well or even better than standard over the counter medicines that are use to treat anything from arthritis, osteoporosis, anxiety to migraines. In fact many practicing medical doctors regularly prescribe herbs instead of modern day medicines even from big modern hospitals located in the U.S and across Asia.

In countries like China where herbal medicines are sold regularly have testified its benefits to the people as well as many Chinatowns all over the world sell traditional chinese medicines, in which a large portion of them are made from herbs. There are many benefits of herbal medicines compared to over the counter drugs, like there is no danger of overdose in case you take a large amount of herbal medicines accidentally and are cheaper compared to their pharmaceutical counter parts. But the greatest benefit of all is they can be used to treat ailments for which there are no known drug treatments like you can use herbal medicine to kill viral infections that dont respond well to antibiotics as well as some forms of cancer. You can even use them to treat your varicose veins. But please bear in mind that not everyone will respond well to herbal medicines but you will be pleasantly surprised on how well herbal remedies work.



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