Saturday, June 23, 2007

Children Head Trauma

Children are naturally active. They play all the time at home, in school or at the park. And inevitably they might get hurt from tripping and sometimes when they trip, they hit themselves in the head. But injuries from these minor accidents can cause eye and brain damage. They show up as a range of behavior changes that can signal a life threatening problem resulting from head trauma. Traumatic head injuries are the leading cause of death and disability in children and young adults. So it is really important that we watch out for them and if ever they got hurt. They must immediately inform their parents or guardians so that they will be brought to the doctor or hospital for further treatment.

The symptoms can point to a range of health problems. Concussions happen when the fluid surrounding the rain and spinal cord has been throttled. A more serious problem occurs when there is progressive pooling of blood from a torn vessel on the surface of the brain called subdural haematoma a medical emergency usually requiring surgery. Retinal hemorrhages called bleeding in the eye an easily be seen as a visible change can help doctors diagnose shaken baby syndrome and repetitive injuries from sports of from playing too rough. Other sign s that can be detected by a doctor exam is slight weakness in the arms and legs or abnormal pupil responses. Testing of children's head traumas should include a CT scan and a full eye and neurological exam to determine the full extent of the damage.



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