Sunday, June 24, 2007

Be Aware of Abdominal Pains

People get abdominal pains all the time. Some may get it from eating too much or not eating at all, eating spoiled foods or maybe its just flatulence. But be wary, sometimes stomach pains are signs that something else must be going on. One of the danger signs of appendicitis is stomach pains and fever. Appendicitis can be treated by a small surgery. But if the appendicitis has already ruptured, this this could lead to a potential life and death situation. Every year, hundreds and thousands of people get appendicitis. Yet most of them are mis diagnosed. Given the high risk of mortality associated with perforated appendix, some doctors tend to make a mistake on the side of caution since removing an appendix is a relatively safe procedure.

But other more serious medical conditions can mimic appendicitis. Some of these conditions include ovarian cyst, tubal pregnancy, some forms of diverticulitis, which is a type of inflammation in the intestines and pelvic inflammatory disease more commonly known as PID. Other culprits includes inflammatory diseases stemming from an ulcer, so its really best to eat your meals on time, gallbladder disease or a live abscess and sometimes even kidney disease or colon cancer. So before any medical procedure, make sure your doctor has utilized every available test to determine the right diagnosis, even to the extent of getting a second opinion. Remember, this you your life we are talking about.



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