Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Breakthrough Vaccine For Invasive Pneumococcal diseases

Streptococcus pneumoniae, a germ that causes invasive pneumococcal diseases that can strike anyone, but the most vunerable are the elderly, people with special health problems and the very young.

Invasive pneumococcal diseases can lead to serious infections of the lungs (pneumonia, the blood (bacteremia) and the covering of the brain (meningitis).
About one out of every twenty people who get pneumococcal pneumonia die from it, as do two people out of ten who get bacteremia and three people out of ten who get meningitis. According to the Center for disease control and prevention (CDC) in the United States. A study done at RITM shows a 35% mortality rate from invasive pneumococcal diseases among children less than 5 years of age. People with special health problems, such as alcoholism, heart or lung disease, kidney failure, diabetes, HIV infection or certain types of cancer; are even more likely to die from the disease.

antibiotics were once effective in treating invasive pneumococcal diseases; however; these diseases have become more resistant to antibiotics, making treatment of pneumococcal infections more difficult. This makes prevention of these disease through vaccination even more important, particularly for children.

The good news is that there is now a breakthrough vaccine called pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, 7 - valent that helps protect infants (even those below 2 years) and toddlers from potentially life threatening invasive pneumococcal diseases. Infants and toddlers whore are vaccinated will be protected when they are at greatest risk for serious disease. According to the Kaiser Permanente Study involving more than 38,000 children, pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, 7 - valent reduced the incident of pneumococcal diseases (IPD) by 97 percent.



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