Tuesday, June 13, 2006

10 surefire ways to lose weight

The true mark of a good weight loss program is that you can stick to it for the rest of your life.

Too often, people who want to loose weight the quick and easy way end up regaining the lost weight slowly and steadily. Others try the latest fad diets to jump start weight loss then revert to unhealthy and restrictive diets that offer dramatic but temporary results. For most, maintaining the right body weight can be as difficult, if not more so as loosing unwanted pounds.

Weight control is a complex endeavor that involves more than just eating leaves and nuts and every person needs a program that counters the factors that make being in the right weight range elusive. While there is no one formula, there are many strategies that can help increase the ods of hitting your target. In truth, there is no quick and easy way to lose weight; the key is to make simple, practicle and sustainable in your lifestyle.

1.) Think healthy rather than think thin - Change your behaviour towards yourself and your relationship with food, and assess why you want to loose weight.

2.) Dont "diet" - Abandon the idea of dieting and everything associated with it, such as excluding a food group; extreme restrictions; complete abstinence from food that you love; and "magic" food, food group or food combinations. Instead, plan to eat healthy, balanced meals.

3.) Exercise - Although weight loss may be achieved through dieting alone, losses consist mostly water and muscle.

4.) Watch your portions - Understand what "one serving" means. That super sized, side dish laden portion isn't just one serving; there are more calories in there than what you think. You dont want the extra baggage.

5.) Take your time eating - Put back the pleasure in dining. Enjoy the taste, texture and smell of your food.

6.) Set reasonable goals - Write it down and give yourself a deadline. Post your goals in a place you can see everyday.

7.) Eat breakfast - The National Weight Control Registry of The United States shows that those who maintained a loss of atleast 30 pounds for atleast one year, 78 percent reported eating breakfst every day.

8.) Make small changes - Reasonable alterations in lifestyle go a long, long way.

9.) Forgive yourself when you stumble - There can be days when you just cant help yourself. Forgive yourself and get back on track. Do not use a slip-up as reason to give up.

10.) Consult your doctor - No matter how old you are or how healthy you percieve yourself to be, consult your doctor before you begin a weight loss or exercise program.



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